B- The ’karstic Delta’ concept, as a morphological expression of climatic variations of the water table level in coastal areas (Normandy, France)

17 février 2008, par Joël Rodet
The concept de "delta karstique", une epxression morphologique des variations climatiques du niveau de base hydrologique dans les régions côtières (Normandie, France).
Coastal output karst systems offer a very well developed network of galleries with a complex organization resulting of the hydrological base level variations. In the Eastern english Channel, the lower Seine river valley has been successively and cyclically form the middle Pleistocene, bay bottom, estuary and river. consequently, numerous base level variations were recorded by functionnal karst systems, as the Caumont karst network : its exacerbeted gallery development results directly from the underground drainage adaptation to the altitudinal and lateral constraints of these variations.

This paper was published in the ’Proceedings of the 14th International Congress of Speleology’, UIS, Athens-Kalamos, 23-28 august 2005, CDRom full paper : O-35.

Cet article a été publié dans les "Actes du 14ème Congrès International de Spéléologie", UIS, Athènes-Kalamos, 23-28 août 2005, CDRom full paper : O-35.

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